Rohit Sharma put the question to the media, who spread the rumor about Yuzvendra-Dhanshree; Watch video

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Rohit Sharma, Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanshree Verma


  • Rohit Sharma asked questions to the media about the Chahal-Dhanshree controversy
  • Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanshree Verma had spread the news of the breakup as a rumour.
  • Controversy started after Dhanshree Verma removed the last name Chahal on Instagram

Rohit Sharma Yuzvendra Chahal: The Indian team will start their 2022 Asia Cup campaign against Pakistan in Dubai on August 28. Before that, the team is practicing and many different videos are also going viral on social media. The Indian and Pakistani cricket boards have also shared many videos. Meanwhile, another video is coming out featuring Rohit Sharma and Yuzvendra Chahal. In this video, the Indian captain asks some journalists who spread the rumors about Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanshree Verma.

In the viral video, Rohit Sharma is seen asking journalists: ‘Who started talking about this (Chahal?), introduce me to him. Then someone replied that he had not spread it, but only asked a question, then he also spoke with Yuzvendra Chahal. Let us tell you that before the Indian team left for the United Arab Emirates for the Asian Cup, rumors of breakup and divorce began to surface in the personal life of Indian player Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanshree Verma.

Where did the controversy start?

Actually, actor, dancer, and choreographer Dhanshree removed his last name ‘Chahal’ from Instagram. Like any ordinary married woman, Dhanashree also put her husband’s surname Chahal on her name after marriage. But after only 1 year and 8 months of marriage, she suddenly shocked everyone by removing her husband’s last name from her first name. This was the reason why after this, the news of the breakup between the two began to come to light on Thursday. However, shortly after this, both Chahal and Dhanashree posted their reactions on Instagram and dismissed all of these things as rumours.

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Two days later, both Dhanashree and Yuzvendra appeared in the same video. After which the news of the breakup between the two was ended. It is worth noting that Dhanashree and Yuzvendra’s marriage affair was also ‘chat matchmaking pat marriage’. Chahal first met Dhanshree through a dance class in lockdown. Then in August 2020 they both broke up and in December 2020 they both got married. In their journey of a year and a half after marriage so far, this couple has been a huge hit with fans.

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