Home Sports Roglic sends a signal with a brilliant victory in Burgos

Roglic sends a signal with a brilliant victory in Burgos

Roglic sends a signal with a brilliant victory in Burgos

The Vuelta a Burgos, which ends this Saturday with the classic final at the Lagunas de Neila, is usually a good starting point for the Vuelta, which starts on August 26th. For this reason, cousin roglicone of the big favorites for the red jersey, which he has already won up to three times, decided to go to the Castilian-Leonian appointment to complete the tuning. Until this week, his last day of participation was May 28th, the day he won the Giro. In Burgos, Roglic begins to show his favoritism against high-profile rivals like Adam Yates and Vlasov. On the first day of the sprint he just had to save it.

The second, in the team time trial, was the winner and this Thursday, in the third stage, the first with a mountainous difficulty like Picón Blanco was the strongest in a small group on the home straight. Furthermore, he is the new leader of the race and it will not be easy for anyone to oust him in the two remaining stages. With 44km to go, Picón Blanco started, the day’s hardest difficulty, with 7.9km and 9.2%. Far from the result but key to what came next and that is that the day’s escape, which featured nine riders (including Spaniards Ezquerra, García Pierna and Berasategi), It ended a little soon due to the onslaught of the peloton, particularly from the United Arab Emirates who took the initiative in the climb.

The most active was Adam Yates, under whose leadership a quintet was formed with UAE clearly dominating: Yates, Vine and Bennett, with Einer Rubio (Movistar) and Roglic himself. Both Rubio and Benett were the first to give way.… and from behind Vlasov and Hoowson pushed for the lead. You did it. Jay Vine was unable to hold those honorary positions… but was due to a fall. Unfortunately for the Australian coming from virtual cycling, It is neither the first nor the second to suffer from it lately. Adam Yates insisted on seeing if Roglic had any cracks, but nothing.

In the small final sprint Despite the fact that Yates threw it himself from afar, the man in the jumbo had enough guts to get on his wheel and finish the ball. Nine days to start La Vuelta, partnered with his partner Vingegaard and it remains to be seen if he is also a rival, sends out a warning to Primoz. In 2023 he ran only Tirreno-Adriatico, Volta a Catalunya and Giro d’Italia: he won all three (including stages). In Burgos the stage is already there. “Hard, very hot day. To take care of this jersey, you have to work on it day after day. “We’ll see by Saturday,” said Roglic. This Friday, finals in Pradoluengo, on a third level.

3rd level classification

1. Primoz Roglic (ESL/Jumbo) 4h 26:00

2. Aleksandr Vlasov (RUS/Bora) mt

3. Adam Yates (GBR/UAE) mt

5. Javier Romo (Astana) 1:07


1. Primoz Roglic (ESL/Jumbo) 8h 19:26

2. Aleksandr Vlasov (RUS/Bora) with 34

3. Adam Yates (GBR/UAE) 40

7. Javier Romo (Astana) 2:09

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