Roger Marte finishes in third place among young people in the Tour de Martinique

The promising Dominican cyclist Roger Marte Valdez, after suffering a fall in one of the stages, lost the red jersey of the U-23 leader of the Tour of Martinique, but despite the accident he occupied the third step of the podium in that line, resulting in Top-20 of the general classification.

“I was performing very well until the crash happened. At that moment I was in front with the red jersey and a curve surprised me and I went to the ground. My legs were not the same and they hurt a lot. Even so, I was able to finish third in the classification” , revealed the U-23 national road champion.

When the specialized journalist Martín Olivo asked him how he saw the way of running in that nation, he replied that despite the daily wear and tear on that hard terrain, “every day there are constant attacks by competitors and they do not give up.”

Marte Valdez (Fundación Dominican Global Cycling-Doglocy), who was invited by the French team CCV-Carrefour Market, said he was very satisfied with his performance in the French overseas department, this being his first participation in that cycling round.

He revealed that the technicians and runners of the green team were very happy with their participation in the mountains, an aspect that will continue to work constantly to continue improving.

He indicated that he may run again in the 2024 edition of that Caribbean contest.

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