Rodrygo goes up to the offices to leave Real Madrid

Rodrygo goes up to the offices to leave Real Madrid

From the environment of the Brazilian player it has been known that he intends to leave the merengue entity as soon as possible

The Real Madrid He continues to have problems with his squad and a new headache brings him Rodrygo. The 22-year-old Rio de Janeiro winger is going through a complex moment after the World Cup and has determined that he wants to leave the Bernabéu as soon as possible. There is quite a bit of controversy about it.

Let’s remember that Rodrygo has been a rather irregular element in the Real Madrid. He has had seasons in which he has left more doubts than certainties and others where he has been one of the most prominent. He has now entered a pothole, which has left him with many problems and one of them may be final.

Rodrygo has been quite upset and asks to leave the merengue club

After the duel against Villarreal CF, Rodrygo would have asked the Real Madrid leadership to leave

One of them is the one recently starred in the Copa del Rey. And it is that after being replaced by Asensio and immediately after Vinicius’s goal he has gone to the bench without shaking hands with Ancelotti. There, the coach of the whites has immediately recriminated him. “You say hello to me,” was what the Italian told him.

In this way, it has recently been known that Rodrygo has addressed the offices of Real Madrid to request an immediate solution. In addition, he has told his close circle that he is tired of the situation he lives in the merengue club. The solution they would have agreed to is none other than a change of scenery.

Rodrygo has made it clear that he is tired of the situation he lives with the meringues and prefers to leave

In that order of ideas, the player’s annoyance lies in the fact that “he is always a substitute and has made merits to stop being one.” In addition, he does not like at all that when he starts, he is always the first change that Ancelotti makes. The fans have expressed their opinion about it, agreeing that they prefer the Brazilian to leave, since his performance is not the best.

We will have to wait for what can happen with this movement. At the moment, Rodrygo’s future at Real Madrid is getting more and more complicated and his destiny could be in the Premier League. There he has a great poster, but he must resume the best sensations. In turn, for the meringues it would be a key opportunity, since they could enter a good amount in this movement.


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