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Rodríguez: “In 2023 I have to take another step forward”


A end of 2019the Ineos announced the signing of grenadian carlos rodriguez, 18-year-old cyclist at the time (he is now 21) from the Kometa youth team of the Fundación Contador. At that time, he was a little known runner in the Spanish squad, with good results in his adolescence and Ineos, which at that time was the most powerful team in terms of success, took over his services for four seasons (2020 to 2023). In this 2022 experienced his great sports explosion, is already a national reference and is making hole in the elite of international cycling. He attended AS at the Madrid Criterium.

How is winter going before you get back to work to prepare for 2023?

Well relaxed. We are getting closer to the start of the season and I am gradually returning to training, trying to refine details for what is to come.

Champion of Spain, stage in Itzulia, great performance in La Vuelta… was 2022 expected like this?

No way. From the beginning things started to go well for me. In February, in the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, I was already able to get on the podium (3rd). For me it was the same feeling as a child with Christmas presents, now that those dates are approaching. Then the rest of the season went quite well, being able to obtain good results, and the truth is that it is appreciated after three years of work in the team. In 2023 I have to take another step forward, in results and in sensations, to be able to fight with the best.

When Ineos signed him, he was a teenager. Over time, he agreed with the team with his arrival, right?

At that time, getting to the World Tour was above all to adapt, without any pressure. If I had been in an Under-23 team, perhaps a lot more would have been demanded of me. I knew that at Ineos I would be in good hands, doing what corresponds to me at my age.

And the future? 2023 is his last season with a contract at Ineos…

I am very comfortable in the team and as the season progresses we will see. I hope they continue to trust me for great races. I still don’t have a defined schedule, but hopefully my goals and those of the team can go hand in hand.

His team suffered this winter the exit of runners who aspired to generals like Richard Carapaz and Adam Yates. Does that move your status up the ranks?

Yes, it can be, really. Now we have fewer leaders for the grand tours, but the important thing is to perform. If I do well, I will have my chances and I will be able to play races. Otherwise, I will have to work for other colleagues. Whatever it is, the important thing is that you do it right.

You don’t know your calendar yet, but… What race would you like to compete in?

Anyone new to riding is welcome, but every cyclist dreams of riding the Tour de France one day. Also the Tour. I want to do all things step by step, without rushing.

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