Rodolfo Carter, the Chilean Bukele

From Santiago

A new actor breaks into the presidential election Chilean right, although he naturally prefers to present himself as a simple mayor concerned with the real problems of the people. Is about Rudolf Carter, mayor of Florida one of the most populated communes of Greater Santiago -366 thousand inhabitants- and where in the plebiscite for the new constitution last year the “Approve” obtained 49.93% versus 50.07% of the “Rejection”. His last performance: a series of demolitions of alleged “narco houses” broadcast live on TV and with extensive police deployment.

These are constructions without municipal permits and which, according to police investigations, belong to “capos” of organized crime operating in the country. On March 9, the first of 19 buildings was demolished, which would belong to the gang “Los macacos” dedicated to the trafficking of different drugs and one of the most dangerous in recent times with firepower, luxury cars and thousands of dollars. of rigor. Although there were protests from neighbors and the residents of the property, while the heavy machinery was operating, Carter, instead of confirming this information, only managed to say “what is real is that this it is part of their network of properties known as caletas, where drugs and in some cases weapons are kept”, although he later ventured to clarify that “the owner of this property is a person who is in jail and is formalized with a pending case. The house is irregular and is used as a cove. The same neighbors told us that they couldn’t live in peace, so let’s not look for the fifth leg of the cat, this is a cove”.

Another headache for Boric

Carter, attorney, 51 and former militant of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI, party founded by Jaime Guzmán, main ideologue of Pinochet’s dictation) planned this action -very much in tune with what Bukele does in El Salvador- protected by the General Law of Urbanism and Construction that allows the demolition of houses built without prior regulation denounce and not only to position themselves at the national level but also to expose the progressive government of gabriel boric that he did not know how to react. “Hopefully the people who make decisions in Chile, in Parliament and in the government, give the tools to the Judiciary and the Public Ministry,” he said during the first demolition. “For example, houses like this, when they are confiscated or well controlled by the State, remain in the hands of the original drug trafficker, they continue to be the owners, they continue to function as cfins, like selling drugs.”

Later, he would point out that it seemed suspicious to him that the same prosecutor who had given him the information about these drug houses (Ernesto Navarro) will be administratively investigated by the Public Ministry to determine if there was any irregularity in this process.

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“We were prepared to receive shots from drug traffickers, but never a bullet in the back from the national prosecutor,” Carter would say, referring to national prosecutor Ángel Valencia, who would have ordered this requirement. What’s more, the mayor assures that the order came directly from the government. “Today our democracy is worse than yesterday because these calls, which were from the old days, remind us that this government, which was going to come to change everything, has exactly the same bad practices as the policy that it said it came to change with the The only difference is that the security of Chile is at stake here.”

The Minister of Justice, Luis Cordero, had to come out to deny his statements: “As for the mayor’s statement, I wouldn’t know how to qualify them, just remember that the Public Ministry is an autonomous State institution. Not only autonomous, it has constitutional autonomy and therefore this type of telephone call is very unlikely”.

media endorsement

Although there is no specific evidence of dismantled gangs or progress in the face of the country’s complex situation in terms of drug trafficking -the port of San Antonio was cataloged by the UN as the main gateway for cocaine to Europe- Carter has been praised by the national media that they praise his political career, which started “from below”, his presidential ambitions and his ability to “jump to a platform of national influence”; He has also given colorful interviews where he says things like “it is the first time that a politician decides to go and directly attack drug trafficking, and instead of taking part by the authorities and presenting a tougher image, the government goes around in circles, to make cabinet councils to attack the measure, but not the drug traffickers”. Or also

His last performance was to point out that he has received death threats during his fourth demolition in the middle of this week where he was reportedly told “we know where you live, we know who your children are, we are going to kill you, we are going to kill your children.” The mayor, undaunted, acknowledges that these actions are risky but that the people of the ruling party “are going to buy themselves a very big problem if they kill me.” All this in the week that the Cadem surveyan authentic national political barometer, included him in the top 3 of the best evaluated political figures in the country.

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