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Rodman: “If Larry Bird played at this time, he would be in Europe”

Rodman: "If Larry Bird played at this time, he would be in Europe"

After the NBA season with the Nuggets lifting the title, the figure of Jokic seems to be exalted at the level historical in the American competition. So much so that Dennis Rodman, five time NBA championthree with the Chicago Bulls (1996,1997 and 1998) and two with the Detroit Pistons (1989, 1990), has come to compare him with Larry Bird, one of the greatest legends to have set foot on a basketball court.

“He’s very slow, but that guy is talented,” Rodman commented in an interview for VladTV. “Is better than Larry Bird. Compare him to Larry and I think people will pick him”. The legendary power forward, two time defender of the year (1989 and 1990) and two time all star (1990 and 1992), continued to attack the former Celtics. The season in which Larry wins his third and last MVP (1986), was the campaign rookies of a Dennis Rodman who came to Detroit to conquer the world.

If Larry played at this time, I would be in Europe I just tell you”, declared the member of those historic Chicago Bulls forcefully. “It would be somewhere over there. His game was good for Boston in the ’80s and all, but in today’s world I wouldn’t have a chance. I’m not trying to belittle him, because he was a great player at the time, like me, but now I couldn’t.” concluded the one who was a fellow player as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Isiah Thomas or Joe Dumars, among others.

Nikola Jokic has 28 years and has already achieved two NBA MVPs (2021, 2022) And be champion with some Denver Nuggets that this campaign visited for first time The Finals in the entire history of the franchise. The Serbian has become one of the best in the league, and is getting closer to the olympus of legends who stepped on the basketball courts of the United States.

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