The king of rallying in Spain in 2021 is ‘Rocket’ Suárez. The Asturian has completed an impeccable season, leaving the national title sentenced in Madrid, with four rounds left to finish the season. I needed to do full, win the rally and the TC Plus, to be crowned, and he has, so he is already champion of Spain after winning four of the eight disputed tests.

In Madrid went on the attack in a close duel with Jan Solans, until the Catalan received a two-minute penalty for changing a valve at a point not allowed. From that moment Suárez took it more calmly, until TC Plus, where he also had to win to sentence. Without disheveled, Suárez fulfilled his mission and takes the title In the first season that the absolute title was elucidated in a mixed season with gravel and asphalt rallies. And he celebrated it with his co-pilot, Alberto ‘Pin’ Iglesias, pouring Asturian cider.

Iván Ares finished in second position and strengthens Hyundai at the top of the brand classification, while Solans consoled himself with the third step of the podium, although he ended up a bit angry because he believes that the penalty was not fair, and in fact your team has claimed it.

Final ranking

1. Suarez-Iglesias (Skoda Fabia), 57: 44.1

2. Ares-Vázquez (Hyundai i20), at 59.6

3. Solans-Sanjuán (Citroën C3), at 1: 25.3

4. Villanueva-Ferrero (Citroën C3), at 2: 06.1

5. Quintana-Mújica (Skoda Fabia), at 2: 28.5

Spain Championship

1. José Antonio Suárez, 270 points

2. Ivan Ares, 193

3. Jan Solans, 166


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