‘Rocket’ Suárez already has his new ‘toy’

The bell was about to ring but the new ‘toy’ of ‘Cohete’ Suárez has arrived in time to start the season next weekend at the Acropolis Rally. The Skoda Fabia RS landed on Friday night and almost without having been able to sit in it, the Asturian driver has presented it to great fanfare. And it is not for less, since it is the weapon with which he will try to recover the national title.

“I’m looking forward to the Obejo stage on Saturday”, acknowledged ‘Cohete’. “But first we are going to test it in Córdoba for two very important days. to be able to adapt everything to our liking and put everything to measure. I am 100 percent confident and the goal is clear: to win…although it was clear last year as well. I am capable of the best and the worst. You know, every X years I’m given up for dead and I always come out on top. The car has been seen in Monte Carlo and Sweden that it is going very well, and I hope it will allow us to win this season”.

One more year with Alberto ‘Pin’ Iglesias sitting in the seat on the right performing co-pilot duties, The Asturian couple wants to recover the crown achieved two years ago after having suffered a lot last year. And they are not only going to focus on the absolute mixed Spanish Championship, since they will also run tests of the dirt and asphalt competitions to cover the maximum number of kilometres.

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