Four income goals is not a difference that decides the title in favor of Rocasa, not so meager for Malaga to think that it will decide the European Cup next Saturday in Malaga and keep the title. The 21-17 (9-8) in Telde does not clarify anything, does not clear a single doubt, although it indicates that the Canarian side has recovered from the defeat in the Copa de la Reina against the malagueñas whom they had defeated in the two league games, or also that those from Málaga have not broken their concentration by winning the Cup.

Rocasa won because they were slightly better in this first leg of the final, but the clash was poor, perhaps due to nerves. Example: from minute 45 (17-15) to 50 (18-15) a goal was scored, and 10 consecutive attacks were wasted! Five per side, due to turnovers. That detail is devastating for both teams.

In the first part, Rocasa was able to mark distances, but fell asleep and entered into that dynamic of errors that allowed the reaction of the visitors. In the second half, it was the same, but now the local lagoon coincided with another visitor, and with the arbitration lagoon: a goal from Melania Falcón to the counterattack, which ended up cancelled, there is no way to understand it, like the interior defenses, who did not see them


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