Home World Robles and Borrell show their “concern” about the coup in Gabon

Robles and Borrell show their “concern” about the coup in Gabon

Robles and Borrell show their

Europe is closely watching the actions of the coup started in Gabon Days after the country’s electoral commission announced the president’s triumph Ali Bongo after last Saturday’s controversial elections.

The military, which has taken power in the country, has given assurances that the president is under house arrest after accusing him “high treason” And “Mass embezzlement of public funds”among other crimes, in a message broadcast by the country’s television networks this Wednesday.

In addition, one of Bongo’s sons was arrested, Noureddin Bongo Valentinand his chief of staff Ian Ghislain Ngoulouamong other people close to the Gabonese President.

Acting Minister of Defence, Daisy Roblesand the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrellthey have admitted “Worries” before the recent events in the African country.

“We continue Worries the events in Gabon, where it appears that there has been a coup d’etat,” Robles said, consistent with Borrell’s statements.

“The news that is coming in is confusing”recognized the High Representative’s decision to exercise caution until the situation is clearer and Don’t anticipate events on how the EU might react if a new military coup in sub-Saharan Africa is confirmed.

countries like Portugal, France either Russia You have already decided these facts. The Portuguese government has appealed “Swift restoration of normalcy and constitutional order” in the country; France condemned the coup with this demand “Respect the election result as soon as it is known”; and Russia has expressed its opinion deep concern for the coup.

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