The goalkeeper of Benidorm, Roberto Rodríguez, and left back Asier Nieto, from Bada Huesca, are the novelties in the list of the Spanish team to play the Mediterranean Games in June in Algeria. In Jordi Ribera’s list of 16 players for next season, only Asier, Robverto, It seems that Jaime Gallego (Torrelavega) and Pol Valera (Granollers) will play next season in the Asobal League.

The Selection is a combination of young veterans with newcomers to the Hispanic roster. For example, Miguel Sánchez Migallón won the Olympic bronze, goalkeeper Sergey Hernández has been the third goalkeeper in Spain for several years, Peciña was basic in the last European Championship, Ian Tarrafeta He was the center back in the European Championship….

from this list Daniel Fernández (Cangas), Odriozola (Bidasoa), Jorge Serrano (Valladolid), Chema Márquez (Granollers) and Ander Izquierdo (Anaitasuna), who are still in Asobal, at the end of the season they will have their foreigners to compete in competitions in Germany and France starting in September.


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