Roberto Bou: “You train to win, not to make podiums”

The name of Roberto Bou (Mora de Rubielos, 30 years old) already shines in the golden books of the Titan Desert Morocco. The champion of the 17th edition chats with AS after receiving the special winner’s fossil. Those who know him detail his quality, both human and sporting: “There are good cyclists and good cyclists. Roberto is for two”. After 12 Titan Series, his time finally came and he does not hide that the thorn is removed. Now it’s his turn to savor and enjoy the triumph, but he already has his next goal set: to be world champion in XC Marathon.

How does it feel to be the winner of the Titan Desert Morocco?

A dream that still doesn’t seem real to me. At night (Thursday) everyone told me that I already had the title in hand, but until you cross the finish line you don’t have an idea of ​​what you have achieved. It is something that I had been trying for many years and I have struggled a lot. This race elevates you to the maximum and it takes you to the limit due to the heat and navigation. There are six days of racing and achieving it this year has been very special due to the death of my grandfather.

Where do you think was the key to your victory?

In the Titan there is a brutal physical and mental demand. I think that psychology is essential because here the one who is not stubborn and gives it all has no way. Sinking leads you to abandonment. That’s why I want to congratulate all those who have finished the Titan because it is very hard. I remember the first one I did and it’s something that changes you.

His triumph goes to someone very special, his grandfather (he passed away last week). Did you feel support from him?

My grandfather, from above, has pushed me hard. I dedicate everything to him. I felt like he was cheering me up. There were times when I thought I wouldn’t fight, but after five days of racing, I felt like I had the best legs of the week. Incredible. I only have words of gratitude to everyone, to my team who have been pampering me to the fullest. Achieving this is brutal. I have a team that is worth gold.

Did you ever see the final triumph in danger?

No, from the start I knew I was going to win. Maybe I don’t seem humble, but I noticed that I had incredible legs. It was like feeling invincible. I felt fresh and, also surrounded by my team, I knew that nothing could go wrong. Only a breakdown could stop me, because it wasn’t going to be for me.

After a second and a third place, finally, he has won. Thorn removed?

Tremendous. Those of you who know me know the thorn in my head. This is what made me insist and not throw in the towel. This year I have already removed the thorn and I only think about one thing… in the celebration (he jokes).

Did you have trouble sleeping?

None, sleeping pill and quick to the envelope. At 9:30 p.m. she was already in bed, that was very clear to me. He had to rest if the next day he wanted to perform at his best.

How do you explain your arrival at the finish line?

The truth is that I was also thinking that I wanted my partner Miguel to win. But it is that Mantecón was attentive, in the end he cut where we wanted and he arrived first. Even so, going in with Miguel hand in hand, who has been with me for a long time, is the best thing that could happen to me. He is my friend with all my heart.

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Betalú, who has won four Titans, says that the second victory is easier than the first…

Winning is difficult to shoot where you shoot because there are six days rolling with the face of a dog and in which you can not neglect. Winning the first one is always special and if at some point there is a second I think it will be the same. It is possible that there is something less pressure, but it is that you have to push yourself to the limit and suffer.

What is certain is that next year he will wear the number 1…

I get the willies. Next year we still don’t know what will happen, but if it comes back it will be with 1 and revalidate it. He trains to win, not to make podiums.

What is your next challenge?

I train to be world champion of XC Marathon. Maybe it sounds a bit crazy, but it’s my motivation, it would be the greatest victory as an athlete. Every year it has to grow and it’s time to go step by step. With my coach we have put it on the agenda and hopefully we will achieve it.

Do you think the victory in the Titan Desert Morocco will change your life?

I hope it doesn’t change me too much because I’m very happy with my life. I live in a small town, in Mora de Rubielos in the Teruel area, and that is where I train. Those mountains have made me grow and always perform at my best. Taking the Titan with me is something incredible, a dream come true.

After crossing the finish line, he made a video call with his parents and his girlfriend. What did they tell him?

They love me very much and want to see me to celebrate. It goes for them too. To enjoy and celebrate. Come on!

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