After 16 years making a presence in his humorous film productions, Roberto Ángel Salcedo passively announced his dismissal from comedy, to venture into other genres such as suspense. And it is presumed that it is to dedicate more time to other activities.

The revelation of his retirement as a comedian was made known during a press conference last Wednesday night in the Downtown Center square, where he offered details of his next film premiere, “Super Family”, in the company of the cast of the same and there he declared that this would be “the last comedy film in which I am going to appear”.


The filmmaker made it clear that “he will continue to produce and direct films of the humorous genre”, but he will not be part of the actors as usual in all his filming.

He also took the opportunity to give brushstrokes regarding the new film, “Disappeared”, with which he leaves aside the genre of humor and enters others.

“We already have a list of Disappeared, which is our first thriller, a non-comedy film with which I change the family line a bit, to delve into other content,” Roberto said, adding that with this type of filming they could make people stay “attentive to everything that happens because the film deserves it”, a situation that does not happen in comedy.


His new project was a consequence of the interest he has in learning about his other facets as an actor, since comedy is a genre that he had followed since he was a child when he starred in one of the most populous children’s comedy television programs in the country called “Las Cosas de Robertico” , and outside the cinematographic area.

next premiere
The new production, “Super family”, is a comedy for all ages that will be available in Dominican movie theaters starting Thursday, January 20. It is a sequel to “Super Dad”, a film released in 2017. The cast understood that “with this film and its features and characters, it was more appropriate to make a second chapter.”

This film shows the splendor of being able to count on a family that supports you despite anything. Four years later, the family returns to the movie theaters, this time with different situations where the protagonist gets involved in a business where he loses everything, which places the family in a situation where only love and union will determine if they will get out of it. process.


“We concentrated the story on an important family base, I think the message remains the fact that, despite the difficulties, if you join and are around the family nucleus, you can face any number of challenges and you can overcome them successfully” Roberto Angel said.

Cast.During the press meeting, the actors Sarodj Bertín, Bárbara Plaza, Gabi Desangles, Francisco Sanchís, Ana Carmen León, Alejandro Vargas, Javier Santana, Lina de Herrera, among others.

History:The new episode focuses on the life of Juan Antonio (Roberto Ángel Salcedo -Super Dad / 2017) and his family. This time, with seven children and his pregnant wife, he gets involved in a business where he is deceived by his partner, and this puts the whole family on the verge of losing everything, and only union, love and strength will be decisive for him. come out graceful