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Road Tourism: José Manuel Urcera won the final from end to end

The rionegrino Jose Manuel Urcera, with Chevrolet, won today from flag to flag, the end of the Road Tourism, that for the eleventh date of the specialty championship, and the first of the Gold Cup, it was run in the Rafaela Santa Fe racetrack.

The Rio Negro from San Antonio Oeste, José Manuel Urcera (Chevrolet), prevailed at the end of the 20 laps of the 4,740-meter track, Nicolás Bonelli (Ford) from Entre Ríos, Christian Ledesma from Mar del Plata, local Facundo Ardusso, both with Chevrolet, and Nicolás reef Trosset (Ford).

They completed the first ten, the Buenos Aires de Tres Algarrobos, Juan Martin Trucco (Dodge), the Balcarceños Santiago Mangoni (Chevrolet), and Diego Ciantini (Dodge), Juan Pablo Gianini from Salta and Buenos Aires Alan Ruggiero, both with Ford.

The necochense John the Baptist of Benedictis (Ford), Santiago Magoni from Balcar, and José Manuel Urcera from Rio, both with Chevrolet, the first, second and third qualifying series were awarded, to four turns each.

Disputed a date of the Gold Cup, is in front of the positions, the local, Facundo Ardusso, with 35.5 units, and Agustin Canapino, from reef, 30, both with Chevrolet, Juan Pablo Gianini from Salta, 29, and from Entre Ríos Mariano Werner, 26, both with Ford, the tandilense Leonel Pernía, 24.5, and Marcelo Agrelo, 21, from Chubut, both with Torino.

The end of TC Track, fifteen turns, it was won by the Buenos Aires de Ferré, Santiago Alvarez, followed by the Pilarense Martin Vazquez, both with Dodge, the chacabuquense Elio Craparo (Chevrolet), the santafesino Ian Reutemann (Dodge), Marcos Castro from Necoche and Agustín De Brabandere from Entre Ríos, both with Ford.

Run a Silver Cup competition, lead it Santiago Alvarez (Dodge), with 53 points, and behind are Martín Vázquez (Dodge), 52, Elio Craparo (Chevrolet), 40, Ian Reutemann (Dodge), 38.5, Marcos Castro (Ford), 33.5, and Agustín De Brabandere (Ford), 29.5.

The twelfth date of TC championship, and second of the Gold Cup, the October 3 at the Rosendo Hernández racetrack in San Luis.


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