Road Tourism: Bonelli took pole in Rafaela

The entrerriano Nicolás Bonelli, with Ford, he stayed this Friday with his second pole in the Road Tourism with a view to the eleventh date of the calendar, and first of the Gold Cup, that will be disputed this Saturday at the “Temple of Speed” in Rafaela, Santa Fe province, on an unusual day due to the legislative elections scheduled for Sunday.

The one born in Concepción del Uruguay, Between rivers, recorded a time of 1.26.539 to travel the 4,700 meters of the Rafaelino circuit, escorted by the balcarceño Santiago Mangoni and the rionegrino José Manuel Urcera, both with Chevrolet.

Behind they classified John the baptist From Benedictis (Ford), Facundo Ardusso, Christian Ledesma and Agustin Canapino (all three with Chevrolet), Nicholas Trosset (Ford), Andrew Jakos (Dodge) and Esteban Gini (Torino).

In the opening act TC Pista, the pilarense Martín Vázquez took pole with a time of 1.28.862, followed by Santiago Alvarez, Joseph Palazzo, Ian Reutemann (all four with Dodge), Humberto Krujoski (Chevrolet) and Lautaro Of the Church (Ford).

This Saturday, at 11 and 11.30, the two qualifying series of the TC Pist will be playeda, four turns each; and at 11:55, 12:20 and 12:45, the three batteries of the TC, also four rounds each.

At 14:45 the final of TC Pista will start, 15 laps or 40 minutes long, and at 16 the final of the TC will begin, 20 rounds or 50 minutes in length.

These are the scores with those who start the 12 classified for the TC Gold Cup: Canapino, 23; Mariano Werner (Ford), 16; Luis Jose Di Palma (Ford), Gaston Mazzacane (Chevrolet) and Jonathan Castilian (Dodge), 8.

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No points are Juan Pablo Gianini (Ford), Leonel Pernía (Torino), Frames Landa (Torino), De Benedictis, Ardusso, Mauricio Lambiris (Ford) and Marcelo Agrelo (Torino).

While in the Silver Cup of TC Pista, Federico Iribarne (Chevrolet) will start the definition with 15 units; Elio Craparo, Agustin Martinez, Otto Fritzler and frames Castro (the four with Ford), Facundo Chapur (Torino), Alvarez and Vazquez it they follow with 8 points.


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