Riyan Parag Runout: Without seeing Ashwin, Riyan Parag gave such a reaction again

Gujarat Titans defeated Rajasthan Royals by 7 wickets in the first IPL 2022 qualifying match played on Tuesday at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. With this, the GT team reached the final. GT is the first IPL team to reach the finals in their debut season. Something during the game that nobody can stop laughing after seeing it. This happened in the last ball of Rajasthan’s innings.

In reality, Jos Buttler was eliminated on the last ball of the Rajasthan Royals’ innings. But this ball was a no ball, so R Ashwin came to bat. The famous Krishna threw the last ball wide this time. Then Riyan Parag, standing on the non-striker end, ran in to take the run and didn’t even see Ashwin. Ryan ran so fast that he just caught up with Ashwin. The ball was in the goalkeeper’s hand. He shot at this second winger and after Butler was sent off, Riyan Parag also went out on the last ball. Now he is being rapidly trolled on social media.

After running away, Parag saw Ashwin but did not react. In reality Ryan is a batsman while Ashwin is a bowler, in such a situation Parag wanted him to take the strike by running a run on the wide ball and try to make a big hit on the last ball. On the last ball, Ashwin scored 2 runs on a shot. At the same time, Parag returned to the pavilion after scoring 4 runs on 3 balls. After Parag’s departure, different types of memes are now being shared on social media.

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