Riyadh: Increase in laundry service charges

RIYADH: The rates of laundry services have been increased in the city of Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

According to Urdu News, the laundry services have increased the charges by 50% in the Eastern Commissionerate of Jazan Region of Saudi Arabia, and the local customers have expressed their anger.

Some laundries have pasted the new price list with the logo of the municipality and placed it in prominent places to make customers aware of the price increase.

Laundry workers say the rates have been hiked due to a 100 percent increase in operational cost.

Local consumers expressed surprise at the sudden increase and pointed out that if the operational cost has gone up by 100 percent, why not all laundries have increased the rates, with some laundries operating at the old rates.

Consumers say that the owners of the laundries who have increased the rates are justifying it by saying things that are not acceptable, such as the increase in the electricity bill which is incomprehensible, the electricity rates in every commissary and city which were earlier. They still are.

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