Home Sports River’s top signing to counter Cavani’s arrival at Boca

River’s top signing to counter Cavani’s arrival at Boca

River's top signing to counter Cavani's arrival at Boca

River Plate president Jorge Brito yesterday confirmed one of the major bombings in the South American transfer market after announcing an agreement to take over the services of Argentine midfielder Manuel Lanzini, who is returning to his former homeland to put an end to his fate Time at West Ham United.

“We worked quietly with his agent hernan Berman for three weeks and we closed it a few hours ago. Due to his characteristics and level of play today, he is a unique player in Argentine football. Its inclusion will be very important for Flow“, doomed Britishwhich also states that the duration of Lanzini’s contract is for a single season, which is why one must give the Albiceleste player guarantees of success if one wants to keep him longer in the Monumental, where the player started his sporting career before taking the plunge in Europe.

With everything for the libertadores

After winning the Argentine league, the signings of followed RI am in love Funes Mori or Facundo Colidio more now that of Manuel Lanzini serve not only to counter the arrival of Cavani mouth juniorsbut also to attempt the Copa Libertadores attack, which is one of the biggest bombings in the South American transfer market, with River not ruling out a final star move after interest in taking the services of Pity Martínez as well.

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