River was forceful and is the new champion of the Professional League

the smile of Leopold Bard It was reflected again somewhere in the sky, on the night that wrapped up a new milestone in the history of River. The club he founded 122 years ago reached its title number 70, to be only four away from his greatest rival in Argentine soccer.

The Professional League 2023 is the star that adds the entity of Núñez, to continue enlarging his scrolls. The last official championship obtained had been in November 2021, under the command of a man who earned the label of hero: Marcelo Gallardo.

On this occasion, the path that Martín began to follow Demichelis from outside the court he started remarkably. The former central marker took charge of the squad last December, and in a few months he managed to reach the top at the local level. The profile that he gave to the squad also distinguishes it from the rest: River has a offensive voracity that even differentiates it from its predecessor.

He showed it again against Estudiantes, with football elegant, precise and effective at the same time. The uncertainty about the definition of the contest with Talleres was quickly cleared up, with the forcefulness that he exhibited in front of the La Plata goal. River took the lead after two minutes, and at 31 he had already scored three goals.

The faithful reflection of what the team was in the championship was synthesized in that half hour: the incessant search for the rival goal, even with the risks of providing a certain defensive insecurity. Beltran, De La Cruz and Barco penalty were in charge of blowing up the Monumental stadium, against a rival who exhibited little resistance and made it clear that he was more concerned about the duel against Barcelona from Ecuador of next week.

Aliendro, Enzo Pérez, Paulo Díaz, Armani, Enzo Díaz, Beltrán and Barco were those who led this new title, accompanied by another group that also maintained a high level to reach the goal. The driver was also involved in the performance of each of them, who gave him place and preponderance to names that had not finished consolidating, and that were even mentioned as probable departures from the institution.

River positioned itself as the whole most convincing of the championship, in a contest where the football shortcomings of their opponents were alarming. The difference was achieved in the first leg of the tournament, and he finished solidifying it in the final part. The 45 goals scored show the ability he had to define, and at the same time the reaction to recover in defeats, which were four The exception was Talleres, who also exhibited a game with high collective participation, and was a prominent pursuer as far as he could sustain himself.

The party continued last night not only in the stadium, with giant balls that appeared on the playing field and the fireworks that lit up the sky, but in many parts of the country. The Olympic return of the players, without the trophy that will be delivered on the last date, occurred in the midst of a shout that came down from all four sides.

The country of the world champion has new consecrated in the Professional League, after the one won by Boca last year, and that founder also celebrated, with the certainty that his work is endless.

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