River was a machine, he thrashed Argentinos and is close to the title

River he did not miss the opportunity that the fixture gave him. The previous draw of Talleres -unusual by the way- gave him certainty regarding his immediate future: if he beat Argentinians, he would be nine points behind his closest pursuer in the league with seven dates on the line. AND It was just 3-0 against the Bug at the Monumental, with a great exhibition of collective play for those present.

Time and space, the keys to the meeting passed through there. The local players had all the time in the world to find the best possible destination for the ball. Two consecutive actions serve as an example: Palavecino grabbed her from the left, surrounded by red jerseys, raised his head and, ball at the foot, almost without moving, began to signal Rollheiser to uncheck and receive. Same sequence, on the right, Enzo Fernández told Alvarez to pull the diagonal, but preferred to touch back. Argentinos gathered people in defense but did not press and, consequently, River moved at ease.

With time in your power, it was time to make the spaces. Rojas and Casco standing on the lime line to widen the court and force the Bug to form a line of five at the bottom to anticipate its rises. With three in the middle going from here to there; Avalos and Reniero, his two attackers, were lost in oblivion.

Gabriel Milito’s men came out to the Monumental prepared to hit the pitch in search of quick, direct attacks. Consequently, when they could get out from the bottom they seemed to improvise, it was all discomfort. Mac Allister, none other than her captain, was getting the best of her from him. Those of Gallardo were the opposite: each pass is clean, aesthetic. The pitcher knows who his receiver will be even before the ball reaches him … Everything is automated.

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River is a machine -for a long time- but since this is football, there is always room for surprise. And a terrible bomb from Zuculini from outside the area that hit the crossbar and stung inside qualifies as such. River has its usual paths to goal – the play started with Rojas playing and going to search – but between so much search other routes are opened for him. The space appeared again, the one that Zuculini had to shoot with nine Bicho players inside the area and none near him.

It could be said that Argentinos took the reins at the beginning of the second part. Of course, one thing is when River dominates – a sensation of total defeat – and another when its rivals do. It wasn’t long until, once again, Gallardo’s team found spaces to make disasters. Palavecino received in the midfield with all the available panorama to nail a dagger in search of the entered Braian Romero, who before the goalkeeper’s exit opened for Alvarez to put the second.

The young wonder added to his personal account (11 in the tournament) another celebration, one that had not yet finished in the stands when the story went 3-0. Instantly, Argentinos came out badly from the bottom, Palavecino -the great figure of the meeting- recovered and yielded to Alvarez, who returned the previous favor to Romero and I leave him alone without opposition to the goal.

River defined the story in a couple of minutes and allowed Gallardo to move the bench to take care of legs, those that they march almost without obstacles to the league title, one of the few missing from the great cycle of the Doll in Núñez.

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