River surpassed Newell’s with an agonizing goal

River wins even when it doesn’t look like it’s going to win. In the last ball of the night and when referee Hernán Mastrángelo had added another minute of additional time, Newell’s went looking for a free kick from Franco Armani’s area but came back very badly. And he paid for it with defeat: Armani rejected Pablo Pérez’s pitch with his fists, Matías Suárez ran the counterattack, enabled Esequiel Barco and the pass from the former Independiente was sent into the net with a free arc by Pablo Solari, before the hasty departure of goalkeeper Lucas Hoyos.

It was a dull 1-0. But tremendously significant. Because he affirmed the team of Martín Demichelis as the main contender for the title. The championship has not yet been reached. And the statement may even seem hasty. But River has shown to have the best game so far, better results (eighth consecutive victory), better squad and apparently in Rosario, also the best winks of fortune.

The two thought about their cup matches of the week. And they still had the remains of the weekday date on their physiques. Gabriel Heinze put almost all the starters for Newell’s after having placed several substitutes against Racing. Demichelis rotated a lot and made several changes, especially from the middle up. And in truth, he felt it. River did not have the clear start or the fluidity in the circulation of the ball that he had shown in several of his previous commitments. And with less football, it was difficult for him to arrive. Surprisingly, he did more when Solari, Matías Suárez, Barco and Beltrán came from the bench than with Aliendro, Nacho Fernández, Paradela and Borja who started as starters.

It was Newell’s that had the clearest situations. That there were not many but even so, they turned out more than those of River. A high right foot from Ferreira at the start of the game, another right foot from Iván Gomez that grazed Armani’s fingers and hit the crossbar, and a shoulder shot from Paraguayan Recalde that went to the side of the right post in the second half, put the team local perhaps a little closer to victory in the middle of a rough process, very talked about and footballingly even.

In addition, during long stretches, Newell’s managed to entangle River with high and sustained pressure that cut him off from the game circuits, and prevented him from putting together short passes, especially in the middle. He always had a hard time adjusting to River and until minute 95 it could be said that the tie suited him more than well. But in the last ball of the night, Newell’s bet on a wrong number, River hit a full ball that he did not expect and just for that, he won three points that are much more valuable because they came when it seemed that he could no longer win them.

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