Home Sports River received the Cup after beating Racing

River received the Cup after beating Racing

River received the Cup after beating Racing

The consecration before Students for obtaining the Professional League, the delivery of the Cup for the champion River was pending. The regulation determines that it has to be in the last date of the tournament, and the reception finally came in the duel against Racing.

River came out earlier to play with its sights set on the match against Inter from Brazil next Tuesday, for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. And the game system had a change, because Ignacio Fernández was not there from the beginning.

The unknown lies in knowing if the former Gymnastics will not be there before the Brazilians either. What did not change was the constant search for the opponent’s goal by the champion. The intensity that he brings to the matches is difficult for rivals to sustain, and Racing felt closely the rhythm imposed by the set of Demichelis.

The opportunities to convert were appearing quickly in favor of the local. De La Cruz, Barco, Solari and Beltrán They were the ones who rotated the actions to define. The one who ended up concretizing was the latter, when at minute 22 he connected a delivery from Solari from the right. The domain did not stop and between the stick and Tagliamonte prevented the difference from being larger.

Racing tried to get out of the siege by circulating the ball to a touch, but their attacks they vanished when he reached the door of the area. Even Avellaneda’s team finished off the goal just once in the entire first half. The person in charge of demanding Armani was Oroz, with a left-footed shot coming up the right.

Jonathan Gomez and the boy Ojeda they showed speed in their movements, and they were the ones who tried to propose something different among the visitors. However, the lack of depth was a negative factor for Racing.

The problems continued for those of Avellaneda when Piovi was expelled at the end of the first half, due to a foul on Beltrán when he was the last man before the goalkeeper.

River maintained its position in the second half, and Paulo Díaz was the one who scored the second goal with a head butt Racing sought not to take refuge in their field, and despite their disorder they managed -Gómez discounted with a great free kick- to reach the local area.

The moment of the celebrations was repeated for River, and the president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia, He gave him the much-desired Cup. The squad did not go to sleep late like two weeks ago, since they continue to concentrate to face the other contest that reveals it.





P. Diaz

E. Diaz



From the cross




DT: Demichelis







G. Rojas


J. Gomez




DT: gago

Stadium: River. Referee: Facundo Tello.

Goals: 22m Beltran (RP); P. Diaz (RP).

Changes: 46m Cabellos by Oroz and M. Romero by Hauche (RC), I. Fernández by De La Cruz (RP), 59m Kranevitter by E. Pérez and Rondón by Casco (RP), 75m Borja by Beltrán and Echeverri by Barco (RP) , B. Rodríguez for Ojeda and Vera for Nardoni (RC), 80m I. Galván for G. Rojas (RC).

Incidents: 45m expelled Piovi (RC).

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