River recalculates and points to the local tournament

This time there was no epic or comeback, but there is tomorrow. With the emotions still burning in the body and in the head of their targets, Marcelo Gallardo has already started the operation to focus the squad forward, after River was defeated by Atlético Mineiro and left the Copa Libertadores without Argentine teams. The course was set by DT himself, even though the pain of players and fans was still hot, aware that it is urgent to turn the page now. “We’re going to have to clean this up quickly, “said Gallardo,” change the chip to see if this semester we can have the chance to fight it to the end. ” This is River’s new goal, the definitive one and the one that the beloved millionaire coach never conquered: the local tournament.

Part of Gallardo’s plan, possibly, is to coolly appropriate what happened at Mineirao and take advantage of the first time that, in the last four years before, his drivers were left out of the semifinals of the maximum continental competition. “I felt that Mineiro surpassed us, we have to admit it. The things that we thought or planned did not come out. We are facing a very good rival, who is currently much better than us and he showed it “. The coach himself was sincere: he saw his team overcome. Any of those shortcomings will be the ones that he will seek to work on to conquer the Professional Football League tournament, with 19 dates to be played.

Also eliminated from the Argentine Cup (after losing to Boca, again on penalties), exclusivity seems like a message from fate to Gallardo himself, an invitation to add to his record the only glory that he never achieved in his stay of more than seven years at the club. “Starting tomorrow, he will dedicate 24 hours to winning the local tournament and by the end of the year we will see what he does “, entrusted to the Télam agency a manager of great weight in the Núñez club. And it is that after several painful losses in recent weeks, the heart of the millionaire fan is already beginning to sigh for what may happen on December 31, the end date of the DT contract with the riverplatense institution.

Gallardo doesn’t plan to get that far ahead, however. After the painful blow of the consecutive elimination of the two Cups, the prominence in the local tournament seems a premise that the coach is hardly willing to negotiate. There, River comes from beating Vélez 2-0 at home and adds 10 points that they still leave him outside the Plaza de la Libertadores; About to start the seventh date, he has half a dozen teams in front of him in the lot to the point that, for now, Independiente leads with 14 units. Franco Armani also made it clear, just after the game in Brazil, that the squad has the same ambition as its driver: “You have to raise your head and keep working. We have the local tournament ahead of us and we have to mentalize ourselves to win it, which is what we have left ”.

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Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, as a visitor, will be the first challenge of the new DT planning. For that meeting, the coach may not be able to count on Fabrizio Angileri, who in Belo Horizonte suffered a muscle injury to the left hamstring and will be evaluated by the club’s medical staff. Similarly, the Uruguayan Nicolás de la Cruz did not fully recover from the discomfort that afflicts him in the adductor muscle.

There is a second concern in Gallardo’s head: after the casualties that complicated the team’s progress so far in the second semester, still exists the concrete possibility that another member of the campus leaves, given that the pass market in Europe only closes on August 30. Leaving aside the economic aspect, the soccer dimension seems to favor River: the names that sound the most (Paulo Díaz, Julián Alvarez or De la Cruz himself) are National Team players, who have their sights set on the Qualifiers and the World Cup. Qatar, competitive motivations that could make them choose to continue in Núñez’s club.

The team returned to the country at dawn this Thursday and received a rest day, to focus from 10 am on Friday in the game on Sunday in the Forest of La Plata. The time has come to launch the operation that leaves the harsh elimination of the Libertadores in the terrain of the (recent) past of a River that, in addition, will dedicate only a small corner to it within its last glorious years.


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