Home Sports River Plate’s three departures at the end of the year

River Plate’s three departures at the end of the year

River Plate's three departures at the end of the year

According to information from the Argentine press, up to three prominent River Plate players such as Enzo Pérez, Jonathan Maidana and Matías Suárez will not renew their contracts with the club and will opt to become free agents once their contracts expire on December 31st.

This news shocked the Argentine football world and sparked speculation about the future destinations of these experienced footballers, especially in the case of Enzo PerezMidfielder and one of the team’s captains who has been a mainstay in River’s midfield for years Jonathan Maidana and Matias Suárez react to sporting problems because both players cannot convince the Argentine coach Martin Demichelis.

New commitments to fill vacant positions

This decision not to renew the contract has attracted the interest of several clubs both in Argentina and abroad who may want to sign these talented players without transfer costs Riverbed They are already watching the transfer market looking for guaranteed reinforcements to fill these vacancies while making a jump in quality to try and win it all in the short term.

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