River Plate thrashed Sporting Cristal and also rises in the Copa Libertadores

River’s successful present in the Professional League was not similar in the Copa Libertadores, which had started with a defeat in Bolivia. The team needed a victory against the Peruvians from Sporting Cristal, so as not to continue losing ground in the continental competition.

The duel began with a novelty for the local team, which was the return of De La Cruz to the starting team, to take Aliendro’s place. That inclusion was going to produce a very important tactical modification for River. Enzo Pérez was left alone to recover the ball in the middle, and Sporting took the opportunity to quickly pass through that sector.

The imbalance that the venue showed in that strip was notorious, and the Peruvian midfielders moved with ease. The surprise came when Sporting took the lead in a stopped ball action, and River now had to overcome the result with that inconvenience in the middle.

The technical richness of his players allowed him to turn the result around, first through De La Cruz, and then with a goal from Barco. Just when it seemed that the locals were calming down, Enzo Díaz was sent off and on top of that Sporting equalized with a great free kick from Corozo.

The question was to elucidate the decision that Demichelis would make at halftime. The coach brought in Solari and Aliendro for the second part, and in this way rearmed the midfield. The determination paid off quickly, since Barco was able to unbalance by touching the ball above the goalkeeper, in an oversight of the Peruvian defense.

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The River driver again presented a line of four defenders when he was ahead, and Fernández gave his place to Herrera. Immediately, Solari captured a rebound in the area to extend the difference. With determination and decision, the local caused the extra man that Sporting had not to be noticed.

The visitors offered a clean start from behind on the ball transfer, and while they came frequently, they did not have the depth to demand Armani. Even, on some occasion River was close to converting the fifth goal.

The three points were necessary for Núñez’s squad, because now they matched The Strongest’s line, while the Peruvians continue without points. Fluminense is the only one that won both of its commitments. Precisely, the Brazilian team will receive River on the third date of the group.

The winner, in this way, was able to capture what he had been doing in the local tournament, where he has eight consecutive victories, also internationally. But beyond the triumph, what he exhibited was the necessary game to win, that he failed to demonstrate at the height of La Paz. The path is now clarified a little more in search of qualifying for the round of 16.

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