River lost by thrashing against Mineiro and said goodbye to the Copa Libertadores

With a 5-3-2 scheme (Maidana as libero and Alvarez as liaison), River bet on surprising and widening when it came to pressure. But at the same time he left spaces in the reverse against an adversary who was tedious at the start and disoriented with mobility, especially from the movements of Zaracho and Vargas. Thus, the homeowner came clear three times in the first ten minutes.

The Chilean Vargas went face to face with Armani, who won the duel, well planted. Seconds later, Zaracho threw a cross into the heart of the area, the goalkeeper went wrong and Vargas headed wide almost unopposed. The Argentine midfielder again tested the goalkeeper’s resistance, who once again responded expertly.

The visitor could only take danger with an Angileri center that Suárez headed with difficulty, or with a loan from the former Belgrano to Romero, who failed to finish off fully. At 19 minutes he was able to baste an action with his stamp, with patience. Helmet dumped in Alvarez, who threatened a center, but touched for Suárez, on the edge of the area. The striker took a powerful shot, which Everson He bounced back, somewhat surprised.

But just when the visit seemed to make a foothold in Belo Horizonte, Mineiro’s blow came. Hulk opened to leave the central lifeline to Zaracho and hit him with a precise ball. And the Argentine defined with a scissors excelsa, to score the first goal.

Almost immediately, those led by Gallardo had the opportunity to get back into the game. Alvarez was left alone before Everson, but the goalkeeper once again showed that he is one of the best in the Cup. Gallardo did not want him to run the timer to take risks, changed the scheme and brought in Paradela by Maidana returning to line four. And right between the centrals appeared Hulk (of enormous first time) taking advantage of a filtered ball, and poking the ball over Armani to score the second.

At the end of the stage, with a header from Martínez, River was again close to discounting. The possession was also even, there was a technical tie, as in the shots on goal. Perhaps, the difference was seen above all in the hierarchy in the areas, a deficit that at the Copa Libertadores level is paid dearly.

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Gallant pushed the limits on the plugin. Vigo entered for the injured Angileri and De la Cruz for Zuculini. The plan: have more fire power stick by stick, something that did not happen.

Mineiro continued to be lethal in each aftershock, taking advantage of the spaces. Hulk wore the visiting defense and enabled Zaracho, that in front of the arch deflected its attempt by over the crossbar. And, at 16 minutes, Savarino he threw a tight cross that the former Racing headed for 3-0.

Mineiro will be measured in the next instance before Palmeiras (current champion of the competition), team that comes from beat Hernán Crespo’s San Pablo 3-0 in the second leg.


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