River felt the blow: Demichelis’s unprecedented decision

The 1-0 defeat against Talleres for the Argentine Cup made a deep impression on River’s squad, even though the team had just won the Professional League championship five days before. The premature elimination in the round of 16 of the contest caused an unprecedented reaction in the cycle of Martín Demichelis, who withdrew from the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza without speaking to the press, something that had never happened in the cycle that started at the beginning of the year.

Head down, with his eyes on the ground and a hard face, without showing even the slightest gesture of approval, Demichelis withdrew from the field after his team suffered the first frustration of his time as coach. Although he had lost some unexpected ones in the Professional League such as Arsenal at home or Barracas as a visitor when he was already at the top of the tournament or even the win against Fluminense for the Copa Libertadores, the loss in Mendoza hit harder because it was a direct elimination, with no possibility of revenge in the short term.

On those occasions, Demichelis always took the blame for what happened, argued the decisions he made, for example the offensive changes against the Brazilians or the need for rotation against Barracas, and made it clear in his words that they were simple setbacks, that they were not going to change future plans.

In Mendoza the story was different. Beyond the mitigation that means the great celebration on Saturday, River was once again surpassed by a rival who beat him the last four times they met and, above all, handcuffed him for a large part of the game. Maybe Demichelis’ bummer was going through a situation he already knew would happen and the team couldn’t prevent. What is striking is that this time Demichelis did not feel like explaining it: without any explicit reason, the champion DT did not appear to the journalists and did not go to the press conference.

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In addition to the coach, the players also opted for silence and left quickly and in single file to leave the trip to Mendoza behind. Beyond the fall, the squad remains focused since River’s next commitment is on Sunday, when he visits Central starting at 9:00 p.m.

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