River beat Platense and maintains the difference at the top of the table

On paper, River was in a position to easily beat Platense. At the start of the game, Demichelis’s team took the lead, and that made us think that this great individual and collective difference was going to materialize without problems.

And if we take into account the last five minutes in which River, in favor of a lot of available space and its best physical resistance, generated three very clear situations, the idea of ​​the great distance reappears.

But apart from the theory and what happened at the start and end of the match, the reality is that in the balance of the 90 minutes, River did not have a good time. He made defensive errors and was outplayed in some passages of a match that was not comfortable for him.

River’s two goals were very similar. And they had the same protagonists: Solari, Borja and Nacho Fernández. Pass from Nacho, cross from Solari and goal from the Colombian in the first. A very good pass from Borja to Solari, cross, rebound off Jacquet’s ankle, and a goal from Fernández entering only the second.

Platense’s goal was produced by a double error by Armani, who with a bad delivery generated the corner kick that ended in a goal. In the corner kick executed by Baldassarra at the far post, the River goalkeeper threatened to leave and when he wanted to return, the ball, driven by the Paraguayan Martínez header, traveled towards the net.

In much of the first half, the Palermo team handcuffed River in the middle, and shared control of the ball and the field. That trend was maintained in the first strip of the match, Platense got very close (he had two free kicks near the area) but did not put Armani in trouble.

Far from its best moments in this championship, without its good game flowing, River deservedly won and once again brought out an important light at the top of the table.

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