River and Talleres seek to cut themselves in the definition

On June 6, Marcelo Gallardo completed seven years as River’s technical director. During that period, the coach led the team to obtain a dozen titles, among which the Copa Libertadores 2015 and 2018 and the Sudamericana 2014 stand out. Such a task positioned it as the trainer with the most scrolls in the club’s history. However, the 45-year-old former River Plate player still has a pending account before the end of his contract at the end of the year: obtaining a local title. The last domestic competition that the club achieved was the Final Tournament 2014 by the hand of Ramón Díaz, the second most successful DT with nine conquests.

The search for international glory was downplaying the importance of national competition throughout his tenure, but the story is different now. All guns are on the ten games left, because the continuity of the “Doll” after December seems complex, and an Olympic return would be a finishing touch for its cycle (as well as for that of Rodolfo D’Onofrio as president of the institution).

Yes OK the team strikes a streak of five consecutive winsOnce again, the strategist will have to appeal to his cunning to continue filling gaps generated by injuries and the accumulation of minutes of his summoned to the national teams for the last FIFA date. Enzo Pérez, who had been absent from the duel against Banfield due to a fissure in the little toe of his right foot, would return to San Lorenzo.

The presence of the defender Chilean Paulo Díaz, that he had to be replaced in his team’s match against Paraguay due to a discomfort in the adductor, is anyone’s guess. For now, he was summoned for the party as well as Nicolas De La Cruz, who played the first half in the rout suffered by Uruguay at the hands of Brazil, in Manaus.

The one who will surely miss it is Fabrizio Angileri, with a muscle injury to the left hamstring. Matías will not be on the offensive Suarez, operated in the week of the right knee, nor Braian Romero, who is recovering from a tear. A total of 14 muscular injuries suffered the establishment throughout the semester. The good news will be the back to back of Hector Martinez, who left behind this injury.

On the sidewalk in front the situation is diametrically opposite in terms of results. San Lorenzo arrives in the doldrums after the defeat against Colón with its technical director, Paolo Montero, on the tightrope. The Uruguayan coach himself questioned its continuity from what happens in the next two games. Nestor Ortigoza and Alejandro Donatti, two of the most experienced footballers will leave their place in the starting team. The former Racing defender due to a muscle injury, while the youth’s entry Alexis Sabella for Ortigoza would be a tactical decision beyond the fatigue he suffered. The team will stop with a 5-3-2 drawing in search of greater defensive strength.

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On the side of the Cordoba team, which in the week reached its 108th anniversary, there is plenty of optimism and desire to play a historical homeland in this ten games. He is coming off winning four of his last five games. In mid-2016 the “T” returned to the First Division after a 12-year absence. And although he never achieved a national title in the highest division, he did so in promotion and in the 1999 Conmebol Cup. The team is commanded by Alexander Medina, who was directed by Marcelo Gallardo in Nacional from Uruguay, in what was the first achievement of the Doll’s coaching career.

The offensive vocation and dynamism seem like a football bet that both coaches share, in addition to their common past. Choose a 4-2-3-1 that allows you attack with a lot of people and retreat well when you need to. The defender Nahuel Tenaglia and the attackers Michael Santos and Carlos Auzqui -whose pass belongs to River- are the scorers of the team with four goals. And so that no one doubts that Talleres is, really, a serious candidate, it is enough to highlight that he will also face the semifinal of the Argentine Cup next Friday, November 12 in San Luis.

Enzo Diaz, the left side holder, acknowledged having been warned against Atlético Tucumán to serve the sanction against Colón and be in the “Very final” against River next Thursday. The entry of Angelo Martino for him would be the only change with respect to the team that comes from beating the Tucuman 2-0.

Those who come from behind. Students’ defeat against Defensa and Vélez’s draw against Arsenal len They took the momentum from two of the pursuers. While Lanús and Boca, still far apart, will try to continue stalking the exclusive protagonists of the competition. Who by regularity and level of play exhibited they have been making a difference.


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