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River and Central tied at three in a great game played in Rosario

River and Central tied at three in a great game played in Rosario

River manages the times of its football in the past (celebrates the Professional League title, forgets the Argentine Cup), and in the future (it takes care of itself thinking about the match against Inter de Porto Alegre for the Copa Libertadores), so it sends the present to the background.

The fact that supports it is that in the initial formation in the Rosario game there was not a single player who played the consecration match in the League against Estudiantes: and only two (Herrera and Rojas) regarding the defeat against Talleres for the Argentine Cup.

In the alternative River there are many players of hierarchy who would be starters in most of the other teams that play the tournament, and who also want to show themselves to be taken into account in the Libertadores. The one who took advantage of it the most in this regard was undoubtedly Solari, who scored two goals and an assist for Rondón and who ended up discussing the highest step of the podium with Véliz, author of two of Rosario Central’s three goals and a header off the crossbar.

The Colombian Campaz, Rondón, Giaccone and Infantino also played very well, who in the short time he was on the pitch dazzled everyone with a marvelous cue pass to Ferreyra for him to score the third goal with a subtle touch.

The game, really a great match, surely one of the best of this championship, had alternating dominance, brilliant brushstrokes and a lot of emotion until the last moment. In fact, Salari got the tie 3-3 in the seventh minute of discount.

River B does not have the hierarchy of the starter but the same associated game idea and identical offensive vocation. Against Central, which is a good team and which is expanding in Arroyito, they had many passages of good football, but some very serious distractions, such as the play for Central’s second goal, which came after a winger that was scored very quickly and ended in a goal because Mammana fell asleep.

Of course, in the 90 minutes played with everything in the Giant, no one fell asleep.

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