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Risk of listeria: Monoprix, Grand Frais and Leclerc recall fish

Keep a close eye on your fridge if you’ve bought herring recently. Three supermarket chains are recalling smoked herring fillets for a risk of the presence of listeria. Initially, these are the stores of the group Monoprix reminiscent of “sweet smoked herring fillets” from the JC David brand. These are 200 g Label Rouge vacuum-packed trays. The barcode concerned is the 3461820010018 and the batch number 119. The expiry date (DLC) is fixed at 06/03/2022. These trays were marketed between April 30 and May 13.

Then there are the stores Grand Frais and Fresh which are reminiscent of the same type of product, from the La Cuisine du Poissonnier brand. It also belongs to the JC David establishments. This time it is fish sold vacuum-packed in 200 g bags, the barcode of which is 3461820013071 and the number 119. Its DLC is set for 06/03/2022. They were also put on the shelves between April 30 and May 13.

Finally, the stores E.Leclerc are reminiscent of “sweet herring fillets from the North” of the Our regions have talent brand. They are packaged in 200 g pouches, also vacuum-packed. The batch number is always the 119and the barcode the 3564709042763, with DLC set for 06/03/2022. They were marketed between May 4 and May 12.

All of these products pose a risk of the presence of listeria monocytogenes, the causative agents of listeriosis. Those recalled by Monoprix and Grand Frais are recalled as a precaution following the detection of listeria monocytogenes less than 10 on one of the pouches. As for those sold at Leclerc, a microbiological control revealed the presence of listeria monocytogenes. They were marketed in the self-service department.

The customers concerned are asked to no longer consume these herring fillets, to bring them back to the point of sale and to contact the consumer service. A refund will be made. Monoprix and Grand Frais have made a number available, For Leclerc customers, call 0.800.87.41.87.

As a reminder, listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and whose incubation period can be up to eight weeks. If you experience symptoms such as headaches or body aches, you are advised to visit your doctor. Serious complications can occur in the most fragile people, such as pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly.


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