Rising Inflation: Former New York Mayor Advises Biden

Washington: Former New York Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg has warned the Biden administration.

Former New York Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg says this year’s midterm elections are a big challenge for the Biden administration.

Michael Bloomberg called the demand for school boards in San Francisco a political quake for the party and said the party would not be visible in Congress unless immediate action was taken.

Meanwhile, a report said that the Corona epidemic and rising inflation is worrying for the Biden administration.

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Former New York mayor and billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg resigned in favor of Biden in the last presidential election.

On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump says that in the midterm elections, the American people will respond to the Biden administration, which has failed on all fronts.

Speaking at a US rescue rally in Conroe, Texas, Donald Trump said he would end Biden’s policies as soon as he gained a majority.

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