Rising energy prices: the European Commission’s solutions to lower the bill

Faced with soaring energy prices, the European Commission has notably asked states to lower taxes. Journalist Julien Gasparutto provides details, live from Brussels (Belgium) for the 20 Hours of France 2, Wednesday 13 October.

Europe is trying to find solutions to limit the effects of rising energy prices. The European Commission thus offers a toolbox to States. “It asks States to lower taxes, and in particular VAT, because this remains the main lever for lowering prices”, reports journalist Julien Gasparutto, live from Brussels (Belgium) for the 20 Hours of France 2, Wednesday, October 13.

The other recommendation is “to grant direct aid”, like the energy check or “payment deferrals on invoices”. “She asks that these measures be temporary, only during the crisis and that they be intended primarily for the most deprived, continues the journalist. The European Union is walking on a thread, we must both help consumers, even if it means granting, in the short term, subsidies on fossil fuels, without going back on the objectives in terms of ecological transition. ”

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