Rishi Sunak: After my resignation, Johnson neither picked up the call nor replied to the message, Rishi Sunak revealed

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  • Sunak ahead in the race for the post of Conservative Party leader
  • Rishi Sunak replied about the partygate scandal

Rishi Sunak: Former UK finance minister Rishi Sunak has revealed that outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not responded to any of his messages or calls since his resignation from the cabinet last month. It is noteworthy that after Sunak’s resignation, the race for the post of Conservative Party leader gained momentum. Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss are in a close fight in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as British prime minister. Sunak was asked whether he had spoken to Johnson in recent weeks at an event in south-west England on Thursday night.

Sunak spoke on the partygate scandal

In a Q&A session with each of the candidates running for the post of leader of the Conservative Party, Camilla Tomine, Associate Editor of The Daily Telegraph, asked Sunak as program moderator their views on the Partygate scandal. Sunak was asked whether Johnson had misled Parliament about the parties breaking the rules of Kovid in Downing Street. Sunak said, “This is a parliamentary process, not a government process and I have full respect for the Committee of Parliamentarians (Privileges Committee of the House of Commons) for taking the right decisions. “I personally believe in high standards,” he said. One thing that I will do immediately after becoming the Prime Minister is that I will have an independent advisor to the ministers because everyone needs to know the trust, integrity, decency which is at the heart of politics and I will lead from the front. ,

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I have never said anything wrong in this race for leadership – Rishi Sunak

Subsequently, Tomine asked if he had spoken to Johnson since then, to which Sunak replied, “I sent messages and called but he did not answer my calls.” This week’s The Daily At an event organized by The Telegraph, Sunak refused to cut taxes and was applauded when he said, “It’s not right to put 50 billion pounds on a credit card and leave it to the kids to pay it off.” He said, “In this race for leadership, I have never said what people want to hear. But I have said the things that people need to hear.

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