Rishabh Pant Will Stay In ICU Even Today This Big Update Came In Health

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Rishabh Pant Accident: Indian cricket star Rishabh Pant’s car was involved in a fatal accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway at around 5:30 am on Friday. The incident took place when Pant was returning from Delhi to his house in Roorkee late at night. According to the information, the cricketer’s car crashed into the road divider, resulting in him being seriously injured. Continuous updates are coming in from the hospital regarding Pant. Now another report has come out that Pant will remain in the ICU even today.

Big update on the status of Pant

A big update has come out regarding the condition of Rishabh Pant. Tell them that Pant was being treated in ICU after being badly injured yesterday. Now the news is that this star player will remain in the UCI even today. The neurosurgeon and orthopedic doctor are currently examining Pant. The five-member medical team also includes doctors of medicine and plastic surgery.

MRI report of normal eye

India goalkeeper Rishabh Pant’s brain and spine MRI results are normal, a medical bulletin said after the cricketer was injured in a serious car accident. Pant, 25, also underwent plastic surgery to repair his facial injuries and cuts, while MRI scans of his ankle and knee were postponed until Saturday due to pain and swelling. According to a report on ESPN Cricinfo, doctors at the Max Hospital in Dehradun also suspected a knee ligament injury.

Stable pant condition

The medical bulletin issued by the hospital on Friday night also said that Pant’s condition is stable. Earlier in the day, the BCCI had also released a statement saying that Rishabh had suffered two cuts to her forehead, torn ligaments in her right knee and also sustained injuries to her right wrist, ankle and toe and injured her right knee. back.

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