Rishabh Pant playing chase in the middle of the storm, posted this photo on social media and asked this question to fans

Rishabh Pant, the handsome player of the Indian team, posted a photo on social media on Monday and asked fans questions. In fact, in this photo Pant is playing chess with someone, in which he has asked him the name of the person he is sitting and playing with. Apart from this, Rishabh Pant also posted a video in which he is sitting on the roof of his house where the wind is blowing very fast.

Rishabh Pant has shared a photo on Instagram through Stories. In this one, she is playing chess on the roof of the house. Rishabh Pant shared the photo while she was playing chess. In the caption accompanying the photo, she wrote that can anyone guess who is playing me right now.

Rishabh Pant was seriously injured in a car accident in December 2022 when he was driving his own car from Delhi to Roorkee. The severity of the accident can be gauged by the fact that along with the rollover of the car, it also later caught fire.

Pant was pulled out in time by the people present at the scene, after which he was immediately sent to a nearby hospital for first aid. Now, after undergoing knee surgery, Pant is constantly telling fans about his condition through social media.

With Rishabh Pant ruled out for the upcoming 2023 season, he is expected to be fit until the ODI World Cup which takes place later this year. After knee surgery, Pant has just started walking with the help of crutches, which he told fans about through one of his posts.

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