Rishabh Pant met Rajat and Nishu at the hospital, both of whom saved the life of the Indian porter.

Recently, Team India wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant had been the victim of a traffic accident. Rishabh Pant is currently receiving treatment at Dehradun Max Hospital. However, when Rishabh Pant had an accident, a young man named Rajat and Nishu helped him. On Monday, Rajat and Nishu arrived at the Max Hospital in Dehradun, where Rishabh Pant is undergoing treatment. Both young men recalled the incident and recounted how they helped Rishabh Pant.

Rajat said that when we saw Rishabh Pant, the condition was very critical at that time, after which we helped. Following this, the bus driver and driver named Sushil Kumar dialed 108 and called an ambulance. Rajat says that at the time we did not know who the person was. We help for the good of humanity. There we put clothes on the body of Rishabh Pant, so that somehow his life could be saved. After which we somehow helped him get to the competent hospital.

Rajat, who helped Rishabh Pant, says the India team’s goaltending batsman was moaning in pain at that moment. After which they gave him a painkiller in the ambulance. He said that a scarf was tied tightly around Rishabh Pant’s head, so that the bleeding that was coming out could be stopped. Furthermore, Rajat says that after the accident, he returned 4,000 rupees to the police. Actually, this money belonged to Rishabh Pant. However, both the youngsters named Rajat and Nishu are being highly praised on social media.

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