Rise in urea prices impacts agricultural production

New tensions loom in recent weeks in the fertilizer offer, mainly due to urea, an input that it shot up in the last month by 26%, going from US $ 572 to US $ 719 per metric ton.

The data responds to a sample applied on October 15 in more than 300 fertilizer distribution companies.

To the rise in fertilizer prices, whose base is made with urea, has generated shortages of this product on a global scale. Last Monday, lurea exceeded US $ 700 per ton metric in the future market, according to AFP international press reports.

One of the main problems in the fertilizer market also has its origin in the supply of natural gas.

In the United States market, the price of urea has risen a lot, according to the researcher Manuel Gonz├ílez Tejera (Manegonte), “due to the increase in the prices of natural gas, the main component for its manufacture.”

Stated that the increase in the price of urea will negatively influence the costs and profitability of the producers.



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