Riquelme replied to Wanchope Ábila

The response took a few hours but it arrived, how could it be otherwise, given the target. Juan Román Riquelme replied -a la Riquelme- to Wanchope Ábila, who had targeted the Boca Football Council with a post on Instagram.

“I don’t have social networks but they tell me everything. They taught me at home that I can’t comment on things that I don’t see. I prefer to comment on things that I talk about personally. Ramón last year had the opportunity to go play in Uruguay and (Miguel Ángel) Russo agreed. He came a few days later and said he preferred to go to Minnesota. We accepted and after four months Minnesota didn’t have him anymore. Things didn’t turn out the way he thought, “the ex-engagement shot in television statements to ESPN.

Román continued his story with a pass of accounts: “One day he was calling me on the phone asking if I could give him a hand to send a letter to the MLS (First Division of American soccer) to move from Minnesota to another club. I was working all day to fulfill him because I want to help the players. He was able to move to the other team, in the following months things didn’t go well for him and now he’s back”.

“He has a contract with us. We comply with what we have to comply with. He has been training with the squad since the first day of preseason. He has a contract until December 31, he has just had an injury and he will have to make himself available to the kinesiologists and heal. He will have to continue fulfilling his obligations as we fulfill them, “Riquelme concluded.

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Ábila, who last season played in American soccer for eight months (first in Minnesota and then in DC United, totaling 22 games and five goals), expressed his dissatisfaction this Friday with the xeneize Soccer Council headed by Riquelme.

The 32-year-old striker knows that Boca does not take him into account for what is to come and wants to change the air, but Xeneize wants to sell him and those interested, such as Colón or Independiente, are looking for him on loan.

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