Riquelme: “I’ve always said I want to be at Atlético”

Rodrigo Riquelme (Madrid, 2003) started last Wednesday against Ukraine and was one of La Rojita’s most outstanding players. He was even the protagonist of one of the strangest plays of the tournament, when a goal was disallowed for a foul in which he did not even touch the goalkeeper. His future is uncertain, but he wants to return to Atlético.

have you seen again the play of the alleged foul?

No, so I still can’t figure out what blew.

I suppose that yes they will have analyzed the party. What went wrong for Ukraine to dominate?

Ukraine is a great team. They have a lot of personality to get the ball played from behind and it was difficult for us to adapt, but I think that in the second half we were better.

Have you ever been harassed on the networks like Abel and Camello in this European?

Never. They are strikers and they will always have chances. When they put them in, fine, and when they fail they are criticized, but they are two great players and they know how to recover. Abel has already scored two goals since the mistake of the first match and Camello has a privileged head and he will surely be remade.

And Gabri Veiga, how do you see it?

I see him very involved. He has a lot of personality and trains great.

Do you think such a long season is affecting you?

We are here because we want to come. No one is going to throw in the towel for ten days.

Did you think you would have more minutes without Bryan Gil?

I haven’t thought about it. Here there are no substitutes or starters. There is a very even level and I will try to make the most of the minutes I have.

Are Santi Denia and Luis de la Fuente very different?

Not at all. They are two people who have experienced a lot of football, on the benches and as a player. They know us perfectly and know how to manage the dressing room. The transition has been positive for us because hardly anything has changed.

Is time to return to Atlético?

I have always said that it is where I want to be, but now I am focused on the European.

Atleti begins the preseason on July 7. Would you give up vacations?

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I will do what they say. I imagine that they will give me a few days, but I remain at the disposal of the Cholo.

Is it undermining morale that Simeone gives so few opportunities to the homegrown players?

It’s not something I’ve stopped to think about. I work to improve.

The system of three centrals and lanes does not benefit you…

This year in Girona I have played a few games for the center and I think I’m doing well. I will do what they ask me. When they assign me a position, I will try to defend it as best as possible.

Would you like to have the role of being Griezmann’s substitute?

Replacing Griezmann is complicated, he is the best player in LaLiga. For me it is an example to look at. I even left my hair long because he wore it like that. But why not? I am not scared of anything

Is he the player who has impressed you the most?

No, because I already knew the level I had. The one who stunned me was Silva. I had only seen him play on TV and when you are with him on the field he has some details that make him a level above everyone else.

And in the Selection?

Rodri is very well. I already played with him in the lower ranks and I knew he was a boy with enormous talent.

Cerezo said that Rayo had asked for you. Have you asked Camello how it is in Vallecas?

I have not spoken to anyone, not even my representatives. I prefer to be focused here and not have my mind elsewhere. Even so, no one needs to talk to me about Rayo, I already played there and I know the greatness of that club. I was a ball boy when they got promoted when Míchel was the captain.

Would I go back to Girona?

Don’t know. I have been at home and they have treated me incredible. It’s a great club that’s growing and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t come back one day.

What would you recommend to Pablo Barrios, find a way out or stay at Atleti?

Do what you want, what you feel. If he feels that he wants to stay, as we all wanted at the time, he would tell him to insist and fight to be there. What he decides will be fine.

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