Ripple lawyer the next victim of Twitter hack

In recent days, the crypto news has been flooded with all kinds of hacks. Some users of Atomic Wallet, a selfcustody wallet, are currently not sleeping a wink after their crypto assets were drained from their wallet as a result of a hack. Based on recent news articles, you can also convincingly argue that taking over social media accounts is still a common way scammers operate. For example, Bitcoin (BTC) critic Peter Schiff’s Twitter account was taken over to promote a fake crypto called ‘GOLD’. Also, the Twitter account of The Sandbox’s CEO, Arthur Madrid, was recently hacked for a fake airdrop to post.

The baton in that regard has now been passed to Jon Deaton, one of the most popular lawyers from the ranks of Ripple (XRP).

Ripple lawyer is the next victim

The Twitter account of the XRP proponent shared a tweet on June 4 promoting a new token called “LAW”. This token is said to be derived from CryptoLawUS, an account created by the lawyer who has more than 76,000 XRP holders represents in the lawsuit between Ripple and the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to the announcement, LAW would introduce an “innovative approach to tokenization and DeFi centered around crypto regulation and jurisdiction.”

It Deaton’s Twitter account has since been overloaded with tweets promoting the fake token to a total of nearly 270,000 followers.

CryptoLaw has stated in a response that the tweets are from hackers and that steps are being taken to remedy the situation.

In a later update from CryptoLaw it was stated that the Twitter account has not yet been restored and could take several days.

Crypto investors must remain critical

As one social media account after another is taken over, it proves once again that you have to be sharp and critical at all times when you are scrolling on your favorite app. Simply trusting influential figures within the industry is a true one no gosince there are now countless examples of this kind of social media hacks.

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