Ripple Lawsuit: Government Watchdog Supports Motion to Release Hinman Documents

EMPOWR, a non-profit organization dedicated to independent oversight of government and corporate misconduct, has expressed support for Forbes journalist Dr. Roslyn Layton to intervene in the lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

The motion aims to gain public access to the Hinman speech documents. EMPOWR’s mission is to assist whistleblowers in documenting and reporting corruption to the appropriate authorities.

The importance of the Hinman documents in the Ripple lawsuit

The non-profit organization EMPOWR has stated via Twitter that it supports the motion to release the Hinman documents. In a press release, EMPOWR founder Foster stated that the public is entitled to answers from the SEC about exactly what the agency knew about Hinman’s speech and when it knew it. EMPOWR is not pleased with the SEC’s conduct.

Public interest organizations such as Empower Oversight have repeatedly attempted to promote transparency regarding conflicts of interest and ethics issues at the SEC. However, the regulator has consistently blocked such attempts.

EMPOWR says that it has been confronted with the very opaque attitude of the SEC for a long time. It is therefore not surprising that the organization has accepted the motion of Dr. Roslyn Layton for public access to the Hinman speech documents.

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