Ripple develops unique technology for secure crypto storage

The IT company International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) presents a new solution for the security of digital assets. This so-called “air gap“Storage addresses common pain points in traditional storage cold storage Storage methods

The solution acts as a digital vault that only sends and receives transactions to the blockchain at specific times. It was developed in collaboration with Metaco, which owns Ripple (XRP), and the richest banks (Tier-1).

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Smart solution for air-gapped crypto storage

Traditional offline storage methods for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies pose several risks, including human error. IBM’s newly developed asset encryption service, Hyper Protect Offline Signing Orchestrator (OSO) offers a smart solution for this.

The OSO system has a unique feature of using “air gap” storage containers. This technology physically separates digital assets from the Internet, thereby minimizing external attacks.

It is a new method of crypto custody and reduces the risk of insider attacks. OSO is compared to a time-delaying vault. IBM and Metaco’s solution eliminates the need for human interaction in creating and executing transactions.

This can lead to fewer mistakes being made in the future. The financial system within an organization or institution with OSO is also more resistant to fraudulent practices.

Ripple’s subsidiary takes a unique approach

Metaco, a company specializing in security solutions and crypto custody, has already implemented OSO. According to Adrien Treccani, director at Metaco, the solution offers a unique approach to storing digital assets offline. He explains:

“IBM’s Confidential Computing division has been a trusted partner for years, and we are pleased to complement Metaco’s catalog of institutional cold storage solutions with the unique air-gapped cold storage solution that enables OSO, particularly as cold storage requirements from regulators increase Dimensions are required.” Markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.”

Earlier this week, Metaco announced a partnership with Zodia Custody, a digital asset custodian backed by a major UK bank. This collaboration also aims to increase the security of crypto custody for global institutions.

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