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Riots after league football match in Indonesia, 129 dead


Java: 174 people were killed in riots after a league football match in the Indonesian province of East Java.

According to the details, during a football match in Indonesia, the spectators lost their minds, the supporters of the losing team started rioting in the stadium, fans of 2 club teams fought each other, 174 people died during the stampede. While 180 people were injured.

According to news reports, a league football match was going on at Kanjurohan Stadium in East Java, when Team Arima FC was defeated by Team Prasiba Surabaya, Arima FC’s supporters got angry and stormed the field, including many players of Arima Club. Attacked.

During the clash, the police fired tear gas to disperse the angry fans, which was followed by a stampede, with large numbers of people in the stadium dying from suffocation and being trampled in the stampede.

Indonesia’s health ministry says most of the deaths were due to suffocation, Indonesia’s president has ordered an investigation into the incident, and the president of the soccer league has suspended all matches for a week.

Reuters According to East Java police chief Nico Afanta told reporters that when supporters of the losing home team stormed the ground to express their frustration in East Java province on Saturday night, officers tried to control the situation. I fired tear gas, leading to a stampede and cases of suffocation.

The police chief said angry fans attacked officers, and also damaged cars.

Some of the victims suffered brain injuries, and a five-year-old child was among the dead, the head of the local hospital told media.

Football’s world governing body FIFA has made it clear in its security regulations that police should not carry or use any firearms or ‘crowd control gas’. However, the question of whether the East Java Police was aware of such regulations remains unanswered.

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