Rio de Janeiro lifted capacity restrictions in cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, museums and tourist walks

Rio de Janeiro, the tourist capital of Brazil, raised this Monday the limit of people for theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, fairs and conventions and other closed environments that had been imposed as part of the care measures against the covid-19 pandemic. The mandatory use of a chinstrap is maintained, according to a decree of the mayor Eduardo Paes.

The closed environments had been operating since August with a capacity of 70 percent. The decision is part of the planning called “wonderful city “- facing the total opening – which will include New Year’s celebrations and the preparation of the Carnival, considered the most important mass event in the country.

Pending restrictions

The published decree allows 100% capacity also in museums, libraries, party houses, game rooms, circuses, amusement parks, skating rinks, training, clubs, tourist centers and the zoo.

However, at the moment, bowling is prohibited and the dance halls, and the capacity of 50% of the public is maintained for football matches.

In museums, theaters and cinemas it is mandatory to present the vaccination certificate against covid-19.

Distance restrictions are maintained in bars and restaurants, after they closed during the pandemic 1600 gastronomy venues in Rio de Janeiro , the tourist engine of Brazil along with the Iguazu Falls.

Chinstrap not mandatory

The Secretary of Health of the city of Rio, Daniel Soranz, said that next week the use of a chinstrap or mask should be declared non-mandatory, since, according to the statement, the government of the second city of Brazil will have completed the total immunization 70% of the population.

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“We are in the eighth week of falling cases, the best pandemic scenario . God willing, we are walking towards the end of the pandemic in Rio and we hope that it will also be so in Brazil, “he said.

At the national level, Brazil achieved vaccination 49% of its population with the two doses or single dose.

As in the state of Saint Paul, the state of Rio de Janeiro ordered that, as of this Monday, face-to-face classes in public and private education networks be mandatory.

However, in Saint Paul There were criticisms from the teachers’ unions and educational entities that denounce the government for having invested only 20% of the budget in the building infrastructure of the public schools while there was virtuality in education.


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