Rins: “I will try to learn from all the mistakes”

You look aware of Alex Rins from Malaysia in the face of the challenge that is presented to him in 2022, which is none other than, at a minimum, to return to being the rider he was in seasons prior to 2021, in which many untimely crashes aborted several attempts at the podium and even victory. There is a lot at stake this year with the Suzuki, because it knows that it is also a year of renewals or signings, something that a rider must always win on the track.

-Goal for the new season?

-The objective we have for this season is to find the rhythm and speed that I had in 2020. It was a very good season, in which we focused on going race by race, and that is how we will do this year. Compared to last year, I will try to learn from all the mistakes I made so as not to make them again.

-Objective of the test?

-The objective for the test is to finish testing the four new ‘little things’ we have, but the most important thing is to confirm that everything we tested in Jerez works well on a different track.

-Has the Suzuki improved in terms of power to be able to approach the other brands?

-That is something that we will not know until Qatar. In Jerez we made some improvements and in terms of speed they found that it was a bit better, but we have to confirm it here in Malaysia as well. It is still difficult to know if we will be able to fight against the Yamaha, the Ducati or the Honda on the straights, because I felt a good evolution, but perhaps the others improve more compared to last year. So that until the first race will be difficult to know.

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-Is it a very important year for the future?

-This season is very important for me, and I would say the preseason too, because we don’t have much time to test the bike, only two days here and three in Mandalika, which will be as if there were two, because the first day there will be to learn The circuit. We need to be focused on the season, on the bike and go race by race. This period is also for new contracts, so we need to be ready and show that we are being fast.

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