Rins asks for the Suzuki for home and Suzuki wants to charge it

Curious the comment made by Álex Rins to the Spanish journalists in the canutazo after the press conference… The winner of the Australian MotoGP GP has asked Suzuki, which is closing at the end of the season, one of his bikes to have at home as a souvenir and Suzuki has told him that, if he wants it, he has to pay for it.

“I have asked for it, I have asked for it, but they already told me that this is paid for”, assured the Catalan before joking with the question of how much he would be willing to pay for it: “In installments and in comfortable installments.” When insisting if he is going to buy it, he said: “If I have the opportunity, yes.” And when questioned about how much you can pay for a motorcycle like this, he explained that “it depends on whether it starts or doesn’t start. Really. The one I have at home in 2020, for finishing third in the championship, does not start. I already told Sahara that I would like her to go up to the motorhome just as the Valencia race ended, but she told me that it couldn’t be and that she had to go through Japan”.

It will be necessary to see how this curious story ends, but what is clear is that he is willing to continue accumulating merits in Malaysia so that they will give him a good price for his Suzuki. Rins comes to Sepang after winning at Phillip Island, which makes him arrive “with more enthusiasm. I really want to get on the bike and we are motivated. Let’s see what we can do. It will be a difficult weekend, like many others, but there is desire and motivation”.

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And when asked why he has never won two MotoGP races in a row, he says: “Because the opportunity hasn’t arisen. It is not that there is relaxation after winning. Relaxation, none. After winning in Austin, I was on the podium in Jerez, finishing very close to the winner. Each circuit is very different and it depends on how you are given, how you qualify and where you are.

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