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Rinku Ghosh revealed that the ‘Junooniyat’ actress’ weight loss journey was inspired by her husband

Rinku Ghosh revealed that the 'Junooniyat' actress' weight loss journey was inspired by her husband

The popular star of bhojpuri cinema, Rinku Ghosh is making a name for himself on the small screen these days. Rinku appears in Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s TV series Junooniyat. His character in this show is Maheep Mehta. Rinku recently spoke about her private life and interesting things related to this show. In it he also talked about his weight and filming the show in Chandigarh.

Speaking to E-Times about the creators, Ravi and Sargun, Rinku revealed, “Yes, it’s been three months in Chandigarh.” I love the cast and crew. I met Ravi and Sargun and I really liked their simplicity and seriousness. Rinku further said, “Shows like Udariya and Junooniyat have a large group of honest viewers.” I would also like to mention here that I have a very good relationship with my film son, Gautam Vig. We get along very well with each other and also have a very good bond off the screen. And Neha Rana is the first one I made friends with.

Rinku, who married Amit Dutta, who worked at MNC, in 2015, continued in the same conversation: “After marriage I moved to the Middle East, at that time I wanted to fully devote myself to my married life because everything was important to me. “ was new. To be honest I didn’t miss the camera and the set at all even after so many years in the spotlight. Then I lost my mother-in-law during Covid. He had a stroke. During this time we could not come to Mumbai from the Middle East. As the only son, my husband was very poor and later there was no one to take care of our house in Mumbai. So we both decided to return to India in 2021. Then my husband motivated me to lose weight. After that I reduced my weight by 25 kg. I wanted to do that too.

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