Rihanna is giving her first concert in 8 years… but at a millionaire’s wedding

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Rihanna gave her first concert after 8 years of absence. But don’t get excited because the presentation took place at a private wedding for the family of India’s richest man.

And then they say that money can’t buy everything… Without fear of being wrong, we can assure you that one of the most anticipated musical comebacks by many is that of Rihanna, who as of March 1 had not given a concert in 8 years.

Yes, yes, we know that she was responsible for the Super Bowl halftime show just last year, although that presentation wasn’t a concert in the truest sense (it only lasted almost 14 minutes). But hey, they’d say it’s better than nothing.

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Rihanna during her presentation at Super Bowl LVII/Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna gave a long concert for the first time in eight years

The thing is, Rihanna’s fans have been aware of all the related news ever since The singer’s husband, rapper A$ap Rocky, confirmed that RiRi is already working on new music and that could mean his return to the world stage.

Of course, this only applies to everyone who was not invited the wedding of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Indian billionaire and industrialist Mukesh Ambani, who got married on March 1 last year and Rihanna herself was the singer who entertained the event.

Rihanna is giving her first concert in 8 years... but at a millionaire's wedding
Anant Ambani is the son of the richest man in India. Photo: Getty Images

The singer gave the concert during a billionaire’s wedding in India

According to the Setlistfm portal Rihanna performed a 19-song setlist at her concert at the Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial House. a mansion belonging to the Ambani family in India, where the Pachangón was built.

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RiRi played several iconic roles, such as “Bitch Better Have My Money”, “Man Down”, “We Found Love”, “Work”, “Diamonds” among others. In fact, some videos recorded by participants are already circulating on social networks in which we can see the Barbadian singer performing her show.

A concert for which Rihanna received several million dollars

This is indicated by reports cited by portals such as Consequence of Sound After all, Rihanna received the unenviable sum of $6 million to give this private concert dedicated to the special day of Anant Ambani, who was certainly happy but also not that surprised.

And that’s it In 2018, Anant Ambani’s sister Isha also got married and threw a party that cost more than $100 million. Figure in that too including private concert by Beyoncé and this shows us that with money you can even do the unimaginable.

Is Rihanna returning to the stage with a world tour soon?

Back to the topic of Rihanna: This concert was the first that Rihanna officially gave in the last eight yearsbecause the last one was the one she offered at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Since then, the singer has focused more on her role as a businesswoman and mother.

The point is that since his appearance in Super Bowl LVII Fans are convinced that Rihanna is close to announcing her return to music. Something that would of course be accompanied by a world tour where, with any luck, we will see it in Mexico and other countries.

Rihanna is giving her first concert in 8 years... but at a millionaire's wedding
Rihanna is the artist they’re most anticipating to come back to the stage. Photo: Getty Images

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